Sunday, June 5, 2011

Updates June

It has been a while since I have updates this, so like always I am doing a short video to do a quick update. We are now entering June and getting ready for our TN trip, where I may see my first official hill billies, and if anything will be arrested for stalking Faith Hill. The kids are way excited and Heather is too. It will be fun. We have just finished baseball season, and troy and Ian both played. They had a blast and were on some great teams. Dani continues to go thru testing after testing after testing to find her a diagnosis with what causes her to have her major overloads. ADD is the new theory by the docs, but whatever. No meds for that kid!!!! Hope you all have had a wonderful spring and are ready for the summer weather. I will work on doing a travel log while we are doing our cross country trip and see how that works out.

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